In addition to employing more than 30 young people from Lalibela, our company, HABSU plc (HABtamu/SUsan), is very supportive within the community.


Rediet's mother died when she was 6 months old. The whereabouts of her father is unknown. There is no immediate family.

A friend of the mother agreed to bring up Rediet, but she herself has very little money.

The Department of Labour and Social Services identified Rediet as a

vulnerable child.

The staff at Ben Abeba had no hesitation about being responsible for Rediet.

Every month they give money from their salary to support Rediet.This support will continue for as long as it is needed.

When Susan's friends visit from Scotland they bring second hand clothes for Rediet to wear.

HABSU football team

3 years ago a group of young boys in Lalibela asked for support to start a football team. The team is called HABSU after the name of the company which

owns and runs Ben Abeba

This year we have been proud to watch them win 2 trophies. Their reward for

winning is a free lunch at Ben Abeba.

Having spent a lifetime in teaching, Susan is especially supportive of young people trying to access education.

4 years ago a scholarship fund was set up to help young people from the Lalibela area stay in the education system.

This year over 40 young people have received support from the fund.

We are now beginning to see graduates who, without our help, would not have had this opportunity.

A percentage of Ben Abeba profits will always be available to support these young people.

Susan’s Scholarship fund website can be found here